Tinucci Architects

CARRE’ D’OR I Wellness Collection

Carré d’Or, designed in collaboration with the Tinucci Architects studio, is a line for Suites and Private Spas. more objects inserted in the environment, but an integrated and integral part of it. The search for new interior coverings, which can be extended to the surrounding space, defines a new vision of Interior Design, with unique atmospheres. In the context of private residences, public spaces and hotels, Carré d’Or is the ideal response to the most demanding customers and the most sought-after locations. The Sauna is enhanced by a “boiserie” in Canaletto walnut, a precious and unusual material. The three-dimensional square-shaped “tiles” composition evokes the precious Renaissance coverings. All defined by diffuse and indirect lighting that enhances the depths and lines in a cleverly studied game of light and shadow. This “boiserie” also finds its place in the surrounding environment, underlining the decorative continuity of Carre d’Or. The “glass walls” on three sides define a silent presence, perfectly in harmony with the space. The Steam Bath is enhanced by a three-dimensional “handmade” finish in eco-sustainable resin that re-proposes, in a contemporary key, the famous “Italian lace” known all over the world. This tailoring is enhanced by careful indirect diffused lighting, which highlights its beauty. In addition, the eco-sustainable resin finish guarantees ionizing and antibacterial principles. The “glass walls” on three sides define a silent presence, perfectly in harmony with the space. The Jacuzzi is the exaltation of decorative continuity, sought after by Carré d’Or. The “lace” finish completes the steam bath. The oval shape evokes perfection and stability. The sinuosity of its interior highlights an attention to ergonomics and comfort, for total relaxation. The Emotional Shower is a further enhancement of the decorative continuity, sought by Carré d’Or. The “lace” finish of the technical shower head, which houses the best KILIFE technology, completes the search for a space and a “unique” sensory experience. The Himalayan Salt Egg, presented inside the Sauna, in its own casket, becomes an accessory to be used for body treatments, taking advantage of the benefits associated with high temperatures. Also, used in the steam bath, the salt egg melts thanks to moisture and becomes an effective “scrub” for the skin.

ClientKi Life srl www.kilife.it




Year 2021