Tinucci Architects

Cristallo Luxury Resort&SPA

Project Management – 74 room restyling – Cristallo Luxury Collection Resort & SPA,

We have been chosen by the property to be able to completely manage the restyling of the 74 rooms of the glorious Hotel Cortinese (Ampezzano). Everything was done to allow the Hotel to adapt to the standards of the Luxury Collection by Marriott International company. Our professional assignment has provided for being the sole coordinators in the relations between the Property, Interior Designer and Construction Companies, of the budget allocated by the Property for the realization of the works, of the search for qualified Companies and of the best economic offer throughout the Italian territory for the realization of the works, the management of the realization times, the drafting of a GANTT and the delivery of the works on schedule by Marriott International. This has allowed the entry of the Crystal, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in the reference brand. The Hotel has been awarded the “Best Luxury Opening 2017” award from Marriott International.

Client                       Hotel Cristallo s.p.a.

Location                  Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Team Work            Co-project management Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Co-project management Alessandro Balli


Year                          2017