Tinucci Architects

Chaise Lounge
Giovannetti Collezioni srl

“DIY’ stands for ‘Do It Yourself’. The concept is based on simplicity. A design suitable for all ages. A seat that adapts to all needs. A multi-comfort chair made up of 2 elements. Assembled in no less than 15 different ways, the seat can accommodate any type of position your body requires. The inside is made of polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg/sq.m. and a steel metal structure designed for the external application of chromed details. Covered in coated fabric in various colour versions. The element of union between the two components is constituted by an “oring” ring.

Client                           Giovannetti Collezioni srl

Location                      Italy

Team Work                Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione


Photo                           Tinucci architects

Year                             2010