Tinucci Architects

Donatella Beauty
Montecatini Terme

“…..the secret of human existence lies not only in living, but also in knowing what one lives for…..” (F. Dostoevsky)

The Beauty Farm covers an area of 150 square metres on one level. The tree, a primordial element, and nature, the inspirational muse, are the elements that generate the concept. Minimal lines and a palette of colours of the same “nuance” on light shades, characterise environments of absolute relaxation. The materials and finishes define the search for sensations at the basis of psycho-physical well-being. The space, divided according to an appropriate work path, accompanies and surrounds the user in sensory journeys.

Client                           Isola del Benessere srl

Location                      Montecatini Terme – Italy

Team Work                Co-Project Arch. Pietro Corcione

                                    Studio Tomisti – Executive Lighting Project

                                    Studio Turelli – Thermo-Hydro-Sanitary Project


Photos                        Alessandro Ciampi

Year                            2010