Tinucci Architects

Emirates City

The Architectural Design covers a total of 260,000 sqm, divided into: retail, restaurants and bars for 60,000 sqm, entertainment, theatre and cinema for 15,000 sqm, office buildings for 100,000 sqm, luxury residential for 70,000 sqm, panoramic penthouses with swimming pool for 13,000 sqm, roof gardens for 6,000 sqm.

The experience that can be lived in an urban area is given by numerous sensations linked also to a sense of security. Life in cities is linked to exchange activities. People feel comfortable where they can participate in these processes. A public place must reflect society and its culture. Our concept takes inspiration from the land (desert), culture (traditions, rules), Arabian architecture and Arabian urban design. All inspirations have been put together in an abstract work of art. The Koran’s principle of beauty, harmony, symbolic meaning, spiritual power and relationship with the natural environment are the basis of our concept. The architectural design, must emerge from the earth, from the origins of the place (the desert) in contrast to the static nature of the existing buildings around. The natural movement of the desert under the action of the wind suggested the dynamism that characteries the new concept. The new buildings will be shaped by the wind (shamal). Nature characteries the new design. Movement’ is the main inspiration. Iconic concept in its complexity of buildings and not as individual buildings. The 3 Towers (vertical elements like an oasis of palm trees bent by the wind) live in symbiosis with the Souq (horizontal element like the desert in movement). Vertical element (towers) and horizontal element (Souq), meet generating an “axis mundi”, this is the Centre of the universe (the Centre of the new City). Movement versus static. The concept is also inspired by numerology, the number 4 in the Arab culture has many meanings: Islamic gardens are quadripartite, there are 4 sacred months in the Koran, there are 4 rivers in paradise, 4 are the days to create the earth, 4 are the main elements that make up the new design (3 towers + 1 Souq). The concept uses the basic principles of Passive Solar Building Design that take advantage of the local climate to reduce summer cooling requirements, wind towers for natural ventilation, natural convection, insolation, local solar path and position of the sun. It is important the green roof in addition to the radiant barrier and insulating glass. The building will be characterised by a modern ‘mashrabiya’ (double skin system) of different design depending on exposure to sunlight. The new architectural design will give Emirates City a new heart for a new quality of life through which to meet people’s physiological, social, safety and ego (high self-image and self-fulfilment) needs. We will use a unique material for the whole design, metal. Its colour will be more like that of the desert, sand-coloured. This colour will define one of the main characteristics of Arab architecture: harmony and relationship with nature and the natural environment. The new modern design will be born from the sand, from the origin of this place, the desert. The new parks will be a natural continuation of the architectural design, inspired by “YANNAH – FIRDAWS” according to the basic principles of the heavenly garden, written in the Koran: introspection, reflection, contemplation, diversity, beauty.

Client                                 R Holding – Charlestate (UAE)

Location                            Ajman – UAE

Team Work                      Co-Project Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Lebanon Partner Office – Project Management  /                                                                  Studio A&A associati – visual design  /  Arch. Abbruzzese – Architectural Design



Year                                    2015