Tinucci Architects

Monsummano Terme

“…..living long is everyone’s wish, living well is the ambition of few…..” (J.H. Hughes)

This is the inspiration behind the concept. The centre covers an area of 240 square metres on one level. Comfortable rooms with sober, essential atmospheres. The monochromatic finishes are enhanced by the chromatic and chromotherapy component of light, which defines limits, boundaries and emotional spaces. The functionality of the environments is a combination of work needs and the needs of the visitor. Quiet, aromas, sounds and colours accompany visitors on a sensorial journey, oxygenating the mind and soul, purifying them from the frenzy of the outside world. The aim of the concept is only………..wellbeing.

Client                              DEM srl

Location                         Monsummano Terme – Italy

Team Work                   Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Studio Bonofiglio – Executive Lighting Project


Photo                              Alessandro Ciampi – Astrazioni Fotografie

Year                                2007