Tinucci Architects

Leading Resort

Located in the “Desert Gate” area of the Sahara, in an area characterised by sand dunes, the concept takes its cue from the morphology of the land and the oases (a characteristic of Douze), while the 35 luxury villas take the typical “Berber tent” into account, reinterpreting it in a constructive and contemporary key. The structure covers an area of 12 hectares. The area dedicated to the Lobby, Lounges, Restaurants, Bar, SPA and Offices is about 8,000 square metres. The swimming pool, equipped with individual tents for up to 8 people and surrounded by palm trees, covers an area of about 2,000 square meters. The 35 luxury villas are divided into: Base, Delux, Business and Royal. The villas range from 150 sq m to 450 sq m, some of which have a swimming pool and tennis court, all with private gardens.

Client                           Private

Location                      Djibouti – Tunis

Team Work                Co-design Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Tunis Partner Office – Project Management

Consultancies            SPA is Wonderful – SPA Consultant


Year                             2010