Tinucci Architects

MEAB Bank Agency

The Bank Agency is developed on 2 levels for a total of 500 square meters. Our Interior Design Concept takes inspiration from Arabic decoration, culture (traditions), Arabic architecture. All inspirations have been put together in a work with an emphasized vocation to the Arab world, all designed in a contemporary way. The Koran’s principle of beauty, harmony, symbolic meaning and spiritual power are the basis of our concept. The interiors will be characterized by a modern “mashrabiya”. Fine materials such as “gold leaf”, marble, and beautiful glossy lacquers have been used. The metal used for the partitions, is turquoise in color. The new modern design will be born from the attention to the “GENIUS LOCI”, from the origin of this place, the Arabian decoration. A Bank Agency luxurious and contemporary in form. The design is completed by a number of products from leading Italian brands and lighting made from large custom-made lampshades.

Client                               SEGUIBAT s.a.

Location                          Tyr – Lebanon

Team Work                    Co-Project Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Silvia Pedron – Project Manager



Year                                  2012

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