Tinucci Architects

Forte dei Marmi

“…..in silence free your mind, caress your heart and soul, listen to your body, put the now before the then……everything else is nothing…..”           Alessandro Adriano Tinucci

….is with this aim in mind that was designed and directed the entire concept. Completely white in colour, the rooms take on a heavenly appearance, an animic image of the spirit. The space designed is defined by the desire to seek anonymous and discreet “interiors”, but with personality, silent servants of an interior path that the client must rediscover, where it is the overall atmosphere that defines the concept. The concept covers an area of 130 square metres on a single level. Both the furnishings and the wall paintings are defined by a single nuance. The choice of extreme minimalism and monochrome are the live motive generator. The materials, defined according to a palette with a clear “hue”, range from lacquered wood to plaster-effect floors to coloured mosaics in the wet area. The latter were chosen to reinforce the chromatic effect in the highly sensorial spaces, accompanying the emotional sense of the place with colour. Light and Chromotherapy as introspective sources. The colour therapy system is defined by Zumtobel’s “EMOTION” system with RGB fluorescent tubes and centralised “Touch Pannel” control. The entire system is screened with “BARRISOL” fabric to soften the effect. The functionality of the environments is a combination of the work needs and the needs of the visitor, always at the centre of any design choice. Quietness, aromas, sounds, colours pervade in a unique feeling of ………..wellbeing.

Client                   OASI IMPERIALE srl

Location              Forte dei Marmi – Italy

Team Work        Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione / Studio Bonofiglio – Executive Lighting Project


Photo                    Fotomania 

Year                      2007