Tinucci Architects

Rechargeable lamp
Puraluce srl

“…to provide security and shelter… you will never have an instant of darkness…”
 Alessandro adriano tinucci

“PHARO is a Rechargeable lamp. The minimalist concept is inspired by the LIGHTS of Italian ports. The ergonomics of the optics guarantee homogeneous lighting directed downwards. The lamp body is made of turned aluminium with turned PMMA lens. The power is 3 watts LED. The internal battery allows an autonomy of 11 hours, with recharge times of about 4/5 hours. The finishes are Anodised, Galvanic and Painted. It has an IP 65 protection rating. The lamp is equipped with accessories to transform it into an Aplique and a Floor Lamp.

Client                                PURALUCE srl 

Location                           Italy

Team Work


Photos                               Puraluce srl

Year                                    2019