Tinucci Architects

Prayer Garden

The project covers an area of 1,000 square metres. It stems from the desire to bring together in a cosy and intimate place the large collection of “KHATCHKAR”, ancient “steles” carved in tuff representing the Cross and other symbolic elements important to Armenian culture. The place of prayer is suspended on artificial hillocks. It is accessed by a solemn staircase that emphasises the detachment from the ‘earthly state’ to a ‘higher level’. The sky, the clouds carried by the wind, the rising and setting sun as well as the moon and the stars are the natural cover of this Space. The perimeter walls, made of unbaked tuff bricks, create a boundary that prevents views and overlooking. Perfectly circular light wells, from which the trunks and foliage of the trees below emerge, contribute to creating a strong and inseparable bond with the land.

Client                           Private

Location                      Echmiadzin – Armenia

Team Work                Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione



Year                              2016