Tinucci Architects

Residential Building
Al Zhorah

Residential building with 216 flats on 17 storey covering a total of 30,000 sqm. On the ground floor there are restaurants and a pedestrian gallery. There are also 5 storey below ground for parking. The concept is inspired by the land (desert), culture (traditions, rules) and Arabian architecture. The Koran’s principle of beauty and harmony, symbolic meaning, spiritual power and relationship with the natural environment are the basis of the concept. One of the most characteristic architectures of the place are the ‘wind towers’. In this deserted place, we imagined a building composed of “towers”, ready to dominate the winds of the place. One wind above all is the “shamal”. The new residential “towers” (vertical elements like “oases of palms”) live in symbiosis with the ground floor, which will house the restaurants (horizontal element). The vertical elements (towers) and the horizontal element (ground floor) meet to generate an “Axis Mundi”, i.e. the centre of the universe (centre of the plot). One of the main features of the concept is the load-bearing structure made up of “pillars and plates” that allow the creation of completely free and easy-to-complete floors. In this way, each floor can have different types of flats. The facades of the building are characterised by a simple three-dimensional geometry with horizontal and vertical elements, inspired by the simple geometry of Arab architecture or three-dimensional decorations such as “muqarnas”. The material used is mainly wood. A “white statuary” marble for the base. The end of the towers is in a “titanium finish” as are all the metal elements. The facades will be characterised by an important “light design” which will give the building a strong personality at night. The ground floor will be rich in vegetation, to give a continuum to the existing vegetation. The “minimal” and contemporary style, delivers to the future, new “Wind Towers”. This concept expresses an architecture made of buildings, which together define the beauty and naturalness of the place, evoking the “burj al hawwa”.

Client                              R Holding – Charlestate (UAE)

Location                         Al Zhorah – Ajman – UAE

Work team                    Co-Project  Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Lebanon Partner Office – Project Management  /                                                                 Studio A&A associati (Italy) – visual design  /  Studio A&A associati (Italy) – architectural design



Year                                 2017