Tinucci Architects

Sheraton Djibouti

The hotel is located on a private area. The renovation of the Hotel, includes the total reorganization of the spaces and the redesign of the interior design. The hotel will have 132 Standard Rooms and 20 Suites. The project involves the spatial and functional reorganisation of all the common areas, including the outdoor area, the car park, the swimming pool and the tennis court. The interior design concept is inspired by the local culture, with its customs, shapes, materials and colours. The level of the hotel was highlighted by the choice of fine materials typical of Africa.

Client                              Constellation Hospitality Group (UAE)

Location                         Djibouti – Djibouti Republic

Team Work                    Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione  /  Lebanon Partner Office – Project Management                                                                     DESIGN PRO (Lebanon) – Design Layout



Year                                  2014