Tinucci Architects

Social Housing

The Architectural Design is located in the industrial zone of Dandong, near the Yalu River on the border between China and North Korea. As is customary in China, workers’ housing and communal areas are built next to the factory. The land at our disposal is about 18,500 square metres in size, with a long and narrow rectangular shape, and lies to the east of the industrial complex. Given the large number of dwellings we required, we opted for the construction of four separate six-storey residential blocks. They were positioned on the ground in such a way as to create a larger central space where all the communal and meeting areas were located. The roof of this central volume has been transformed into a raised square accessed by two opposing stairways, which can be transformed into real steps for outdoor performances if necessary. The use of colour, the articulation of the voids in the façade and the use of cladding materials contribute to giving a fresher and more contemporary image to this “Social Housing” intervention.

Client                        Private

Location                   Dandong – Republic of China

Team Work             Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione



Year                          2013