Tinucci Architects

Social Housing

The Architectural Design is located on the edge of the main road leading north from the port city of Dalian to the town of Pulandian. This land is part of a larger urban planning project to move production sites away from the cities. We were to work on a plot of 12,500 square metres on which workers’ accommodation was to be built. The plot available, which was not very large for the number of flats we required, led us to develop a multi-storey project, opting for a closed shape that follows the perimeter of the plot. Three of these sides house the workers’ flats on six floors above ground, while the single-storey refectory closes off the southern side. The resulting inner courtyard has been used as a public space and treated with a specific landscape project. This green space is overlooked on the ground floor by all the common uses of the collective residential unit. The use of colour, the articulation of the holes in the façade and the use of cladding materials contribute to giving a fresher and more contemporary image to this “Social Housing” intervention.

Client                        Private

Location                   Pulandian – Republic of China

Team Work             Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione



Year                           2013