Tinucci Architects


The atmosphere perceived inside the rooms is one of great elegance and refinement. The wellness area covers 170 square metres. The concept of the SPA aims to follow, without any alteration, what the hotel offers as a purely “Victorian” style, adding its own identity. All this suggested the definition of classic but timeless environments, where refinement and elegance, but above all great discretion, give life to relaxing and comfortable places. The furnishings take their cues from Victorian stylistic and decorative canons (lozenges, floral designs, capitonné, boiseries), elaborated in a contemporary way. The inclusion of original furniture, reworked with a lacquer finish, adds a value of great identity to the concept. The entire centre is defined by a beige hue, characterised by light and dark tones (from ivory to butter, cream, camel and biscuit), with accents of orange and burnt brown. The chromatic choice defines discreet environments that envelop the user without oppressing him, defining a comfortable and welcoming SPA, refined and elegant. From the reception area to the Calidarium, the rooms are developed with a contemporary stylistic reinterpretation. Great attention has been paid to the technological (lighting) aspect. The presence of advanced lighting technology, appropriately concealed, produces heavenly chromatic scenes, the expression of a SPA.

Client                        SAMADHI Group

Location                   Rome – Italy

Collaborations        Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione

Consultancies          SAMADHI Group – SPA Consultant


Year                           2011