Tinucci Architects

Thalasso SPA

Located in the “Desert Gate” area of the Sahara, on land characterised by sand dunes, the concept is inspired by the morphology of the land and the oases (characteristic of Douze). The area dedicated to the SPA is about 2,500 square metres. The load-bearing roof structure, covered in gold leaf, was designed to be inspired by the oases of Douze and their palm groves. The reference to the place is very strong. The reference to Arab architecture can be seen in the openings in the upper part of the walls, while the lower part guarantees introspection and privacy. Valuable materials such as marble and mosaics define the concept of luxury “charme”.

Client                          Private

Location                     Douze – Tunisia

Collaborations          Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione   

Consultancies            SPA is Wonderful – SPA Consultant


Year                             2010