Tinucci Architects


The concept covers an area of 750 square metres. In a world where the history of Roman baths rarely presents existential traces, the concept bases its guidelines on their planimetric layout, the master of all modern wellness spaces. The SPA presents spacious spaces where light, treated zenithally and always reflected, defines and enhances their dimensions. Detachment from the frenzy of the outside world is manifested in the lack of side openings at any point, leaving the zenithal openings the task of dialoguing with the outside world, but above all emphasising a continuous call to non-earthly dimensions, to dialogue inwardly with oneself and to get to know one’s own body. This generates wellness spaces with an introspective vocation. Natural materials with non-artificial surfaces reinforce sensory stimuli in their global sphere, enhancing emotional pathways. Artificial light – chromotherapy -, scents and sounds to complete the wellness treatments. The elegance, refinement and luxury of the rooms is defined by minimalist yet high-quality furnishings.

Client                       Private

Team Work            Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione



Year                         2009