Tinucci Architects


The Architectural Project developed around a “Patio”, provides 2 storey for a total of 420 sqm. On the ground floor the living area, dining room, kitchen, SPA, entertainment and guest rooms. On the first floor are the children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom. All rooms have their own bathroom and wardrobe. The “Patio”, overlooked by various spaces in the house, evokes the old Sicilian courtyards around which the entire residence was built. They were the meeting place of the house and therefore the fulcrum of sociability and conviviality. In this case the courtyard gives way to a contemporary swimming pool which characterises the whole area. The green back wall creates a scenography in front of the living room. This house is closed off from the outside, but lives a life of its own inside, with vegetation, water and outdoor spaces. The minimalist concept defines pure “primary” volumes in an overlapping architectural composition. The large windows define an interior-exterior relationship in total cohesion. The white painting of the plaster is intended to be a reminder of the great buildings of the Sicilian noble houses of the early 1900s, made of local light-coloured stone.

Client                            Private

Location                       Catania – Italy

Collaborations            Co-design Arch. Pietro Corcione



Year                               2011