Tinucci Architects

Water Factory

The Architectural Project covers an area of 12,500 sqm. The water source is located near a tributary of the Yalu River in northeast China. The flow of the river, over time, has brought to light enormous basalt deposits. What makes this landscape even more special is the contrast between these dark-grey expanses typical of volcanic terrain and the wheat fields that border them. The project springs from and is shaped by the land. The ground floor is covered with shapeless basalt tiles. On this “solid” base, we have made some structural elements visible so as to create an aerial frame on which the white volume housing the company’s management and administrative offices has been placed. At the back, out of sight from the road, is the 3,000 sqm warehouse housing the bottling lines.

Client                           Private

Location                      Dandong – Republic of China

Team Work                Co-Design Arch. Pietro Corcione



Year                              2012